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Gemology is the science dealing with natural and artificial gems and gemstones. It is considered a geoscience and a branch of mineralogy. Some jewelers are academically trained gemologists and are qualified to identify and evaluate gems.

On the other hand, natural gemstones are minerals, stones or any organic matter that can be cut, polished, or treated for use as jewelry or other personal ornament Gemstones can be further classified as precious or semiprecious gemstones. Precious gemstones have beauty, durability and rarity, while semiprecious gemstones have only one to two of these characteristics. Diamond, ruby, yellow sapphire, emerald, blue sapphire, garniet, cats-eye, corel and pearl. classified as precious gemstones while others are treated as semiprecious. Since gemstones are rare, they are not plentiful and these stones do not form ores like other mining products. They tend to be scattered throughout a large body of rock or can be crystals found on small cavities of rocks.

Each type of stone has its own unique talent. Gemstone colors, shapes, and textures all have special meanings. Holistic healers utilize the spiritual and healing properties in gemstones and crystals to bring about balance and wellness for themselves and for their clients and can intuitively choose which crystals to use by noticing which stones you are attracted to by using Cosmic E-Scanner which perfectly suits your body according to your energy levels(i.e, Aura). Keep your heart and hands open and allow the appropriate healing crystals to find their way to you.
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