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Is someone in your house very sick with a serious ailment? Did someone in your family lose his/ her job? Do you think something is going wrong in your house?

 You may not know that you and your house are under GEOPATHIC Stress! Wondering what that is and how it is affecting your life?

 Mr. Karate Raju, founder of Vanmaye GeoTech Pvt.Ltd. has the answers and the solutions to improve your situation. Mr. Raju has been a professional geopathic offering solutions like stress healing, scientific vastu healing and chakra healing for years now. He has specialized in gemology with unparalleled perfection in the subject. His aim is to reach out to each and every human soul and help them turn their enchanting dreams into reality.

 Words of the HEALER :

 Mr. Raju says – “I have met people from different backgrounds: rich, poor, strong headed, confused, demotivated, power hungry, talented but egoistic etc. I have provided consultations to all sorts of people and have provided them with my healings and solutions. 99.99% of my clients have received tremendous beneficial results and their testimonials are proof of my expertise. I feel deeply touched when my clients express their heartfelt gratitude. I am not GOD! But with God’s divine blessings my journey to heal people’s lives will continue…”


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