Vaastu Energy Rods

Vaastu Energy
Vaastu buildings are designed through the application of specific measurements and orientations, to be resonant with the cosmic energy matrix of the universe. and therefore, the proper dimensions are calculated according to Vaastu Purusha Mandala then the house will resonate with “love” for the occupants.

Vaastu is a map which guides us to construct a bulding that vibrates with Universal Energy. Vaastu science is a science. and not a superstition. The basics of Vaastu are orientation, auspicious entry, room locations, Brahma Sthan (sacred center), sacred dimensions, and geometry. In general, Vaastu architecture favors symmetry. Every time you enter your house you activate a presiding energy in relationship to the mandala of the house at that point. A door must be precisely located for activation of most beneficial energy. The structure and orientation of the building sets up a vibration that either nourishes, drains, or is neutral. If you live in the building, it will have some effect, no matter who owns it. If you are really interested in living in tune with Vaastu energy, then commit to a pure Vaastu residence. The point is you follow the principles from the beginning. Room placement and entrance are very small aspects of Vaastu which is a sublimely deep, complex and powerful science.

The main idea of a Vaastu structure is to resonate with earth and cosmic energies. The house needs to be in a particular alignment with north/south/ east/west. It should not be more than 10 degrees off this alignment and if rotated, it must be in the proper direction. A structure that is turned more than 10 degrees has less and less accessibility to the available energies. The ideal rotation for secular structures is 1.5 degrees. For an East and West facing structure the rotation is counter-clockwise. For a North and South facing structure the rotation is clockwise.

North means True north: the top of the Mother Earth. Magnetic North is not used for orientation. Magnetic declination is the difference between true north and magnetic north.

The Vaastu structures are founded on a Vaastu Purusha Mandala. This mandala is an energy pattern for the seed form of all matter. It maps out the structure the universe: subatomic to macroscopic. When we apply the mandala to a structure and orient it properly with respect to the cardinal points of the compass the structure becomes resonant with the earth and cosmic energy matrix. This is why these structures offer so much: they are tuning forks to cosmic energy and enhance human resonance with that energy.

Vaastu healing:
Sometimes it is difficult for traditional medicine to diagnose the illness and may fail in different treatments / medicines because every patient lives in a different house with different energies. Vaastu changes to living areas can help cure the illness most often.
Copper crystal rods / Energy rods are used to avoid the road spear effect (veedhi shoola) and correcting other Vaastu negative effects.

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